Who would have thought raspberries could be so fun?




And Yucky!!? Tsk tsk Jack…


This is Jack’s new favorite place to play. It’s like having a playpen only he wants to back there… a 2’x2′ square with a few toys… it’s Jeffrey’s favorite spot too… works for me!DSC_8948

Seeing as it was National Egg Day and my boys aren’t very interested in eggs… I made myself a Havarti and Spam Omelet. I know… weird right? I like Spam


I have been trying to figure out what Jeffrey really enjoys so I can encourage him in it. Then I realized how many times he asks to paint or color and I tell him no. Now he has an awesome (mess-free)painting jacket so I plan to let him do art as much as he likes!


In the evening I went shopping with MeMa and Auntie Na. Daddy stayed home with the Munchkins and made them Dutch babies (egg-like pancake).


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