June 2nd began with a slow morning of little boys playing in boxes…


Jeffrey was pushing Jack up and down the hallway…


Then Jeffrey decided to put all of Jack’s favorite toys in the box but didn’t want Jack in there… oh big brothers…


“I really don’t want him in there mommy…”


“Ok he can play…”


After I rounded up my somewhat crabby kiddos we left with Auntie Na to take Uncle Zac to the dentist… perfect for I Love My Dentist Day!

Then in search of a new place to visit, we tried out a new pastry shop we didn’t know about!


Look at all the goodies we shared!


The one in the back was my favorite… a brownie bottom, coconut center and a fudgy top!


After checking out the awesome kitchen store connected to the pastry shop, we met MeMa at her house and ended up “having” to eat Rocky Road ice cream to celebrate National Rocky Road Day.


“This is the BEST!”


When I write these posts it seems like all my kids do is eat and eat sweets! I will admit this month has been one of eating out and having fun since Auntie Na has been home for a visit from Italy.

I actually am slowly clearing out our cupboards and trying to switch over to clean eating… I’ve already begun making changes in my shopping!

Jack is still continuing on in his fussy teething mode and just wanted to put the bucket on his head!


Just right…


And of course Jeffrey had to try out the bucket hat too!


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