I can happily say I have posted enough to use up all the data that came with my blog… I consider this an accomplishment in my world! It took me awhile to figure out how to get more data but I am finally back to being able to post again. I also switched to a new domain… LiveSimpleGood.com!



June 1st moved us past a crazy month of birthdays, Mother’s Day and our 6 year Anniversary and into a new, hopefully slower one… phew! A little break will be nice!

Having made macaroons late at night on National Macaroon Day (May 31)– Jeffrey didn’t get to try them out until the following day…


After his snack we left to do a little a lot of grocery shopping – at Costco! Seeing as it was Wear A Dress Day, Auntie Na and Jeffrey did some modeling…


Jeffrey made it difficult to capture a good picture with all his swayin’… I was actually wearing a dress but am usually the picture taker in these situations.


After a somewhat frustrating trip – Jack is not a fan of shopping – Auntie Na took us to get Frappuccinos. Jeffrey had Starbuck’s new ‘mini’ Frappuccino… strawberries n’ cream… to celebrate International Children’s Day.


Then home to do some grilling and game playin’… look at this yummy grilled salmon patty!


Jack celebrated World Milk Day but as soon as I tried to take a picture of him enjoying delicious Whole Milk, he dropped it and ran sat up…


After the boys went to bed we had a fun evening playing Bohnanza – a strategic game of bean farming that we love! The highlight of the night was a big storm that left us without electricity… this is about as easy as it was to see that night…


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