Ok this is going to be the most uninteresting post yet…

We had a yard sale on Saturday morning to make a little money for an upcoming trip and to unload our garage… worst decision ever!

photo (2)

I never want to have a yard sale again… all that work and barely made anything – I’m thankful for the little we did make but I am not filling my garage up with our cast-offs in the future – straight to a second hand store it will go.

My mom even set up a little table for Jeffrey to sell coffee and toast and not one person bought anything from him – besides us.

So I am stretching it here for a celebration but every time Jeffrey buttered the toast for us he would forget and lick his little knife… EVERY time… I call that a goofy Kitchen Klutz… haha! Thankfully this “sometimes” kitchen klutz (me) broke no dishes in my own kitchen or during the setup of the yard sale…

Then it was a crazy rush to pack up, clean up, send Jeffrey off to the circus with MeMa and head to a graduation party.

So this is the only picture we have… one of Jack finally getting to sit facing forward…mad he didn’t get to pull weeds for Weed Your Garden Day… ha!


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