Dear Mama letters are meant to be encouraging, and they are, but only to a certain extent. Empathy without relationship is lonely. We live in a time of the easily offended. Furious posts referencing the horrible people who stopped by unannounced and woke our newborns; the never ending diets which make baked goodies seem pointless if no one will eat them; people posting just enough information on Facebook to let you know how miserable they are but will chastise you for asking what’s wrong because it’s none of your business.

It’s scary to be vulnerable! We put up walls and block people out, we shut down, afraid to offend or are we the people being hurtful? What happened to a support system of women? We are consumed by technology and no one wants to answer the phone, let alone pick up the phone and call someone.

We hide behind texting, blogs, Facebook. We say we don’t need each other but then slowly shrivel up inside. We live dull, unsatisfied lives pining for future us but letting present us down. I mean let’s be honest here… Do we have dirty dishes, sticky floors and piles of unfolded laundry because we are living an intentional, loving, joyful existence as mothers or is it because scrolling through Facebook and binge watching Netflix steals our productivity? What will our children remember us for? “My mom…hmm… well she was always on her phone but yes, I guess she gave me the occasional hug growing up.”

Are we actually “raising” our children, teaching them morals and how to behave? Are we providing them with the tools to be good hard working men and women or are we leaving it to chance and plopping them down in front of TV’s and phones so we don’t have to do the work of teaching them?

We need a change! We need empathy AND friendship, an accountability to be the best mothers, wives and women we can be. We were meant to enjoy this life, it’s our gift from God. May we not let it go to waste. Let’s build each other up with our words, actions and availability. Meal plan, budget, go on walks, make a call, mutually check in to make sure we are OK. I want friends who check in on me when I start to slip through the painful chasms in life. I don’t want to be forgotten when the going gets tough and I don’t want to forget others who are struggling through difficult seasons. Life is HARD and not always fair. We need each other.

Let’s reach out here but then move beyond social media and reach out to real women in our communities. We need friends who say no to gossip and yes to uplifting, edifying, genuine conversation meant to help us thrive and build a community.¬†Dear Mama’s let’s have each others back.

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