With 4 kids I’m forever trying to keep up on housework and efficiency in all things. We recently moved into a duplex (a very nice one I might add… phew!) and my goal has been to be completely unpacked and every box sorted by the week of Thanksgiving.

It has been exhausting but enjoyable, fine-tuning my home and figuring out what I want to keep and what isn’t worth keeping track of in my home. I want a cozy, simple and warm feel to all who enter (especially my own kiddos and hubby) but to do this I need to make it as easy as possible to create order. I need a place for everything and to get it there as quickly as possible. So I wanted to share some pictures with you of my home and how I’ve decorated almost completely by thrift store shopping! Woo hoo!

Simple coat hooks to catch my kids jackets right as they walk through the door. As well as a shoe basket.
Containers to conceal toys and movies.
Simple hook to catch my purse/ bag as well with a basket for slippers.
Wall CD player to keep it off the counter – although we’ve managed to lose the remote while going through things… hmm…

I am sure as I work through this process I will continue to make changes. I will be sure to post updates and provide new ideas! I’m all about simplicity and efficiency to Live a Simple Good life!

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