I’m realizing as a go through each room in my home – how simple I like things. Even decorating for the holidays I want less. Because less is more. Things to bring joy and comfort for all who enter. Nothing more, nothing less.

Half off flowers and a basket of fruit.

I still have my eye out for a narrower table to fit in this space but we grabbed this one for $10 and it does it’s job! So with a $1 milk bottle displaying a bouquet of fragrant half-off flowers, along side a simple $2 metal basket layered with fresh fruit. This is all I need – beauty and health displayed on a well worn table.

A little play area off the kitchen and dining area.

To go alongside the dining table I have a simple play area for my toddlers. They often get in my drawers and cupboards – so I provided them with a picnic basket containing a few kitchen toys and a shopping cart to go with it.

Coffee for one.

I didn’t even know my 3-year-old liked to pretend but he loves to bring me cups of coffee in a lemonade cup.

Apron and reusable grocery bags.

I love this simple coat hook to remind me to wear an apron and grab the grocery bags on the way out!

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