National Corn Fritter Day


The boys and I figured it was about time we celebrated a holiday, lucky for us it was National Corn Fritter Day – something new to try.


This boy is a ball of energy and always so excited to help me cook but as soon as it’s picture time I get this bored expression… hmm…


Thankfully Jack helped me out – we all need a good smile to make our day!


Frying up some corn fritters – the ones I baked didn’t turn out so fried they stay.


Look at this crispy beauty!


Jeffrey really liked them but of course gave me a non-committal face…


And Jack refused to eat anything but Mango so maybe it’s just me who likes to try new things?

I loved mine with avocado. I bet sour cream would taste great too!


Corn Fritters
Adapted from

  1. Boil corn for 3 minutes. Remove corn and set aside.
  2. Put eggs, salt and pepper in a bowl and beat.
  3. Add flour and baking powder, whisk until smooth.
  4. Add corn and cheese.
  5. Stir.
  6. Put butter and oil in fry pan. Heat until bubbly over medium heat.
  7. Drop corn mixture in spoonful lots into fry pan.
  8. When golden turn and cook other side.
  9. Drain on absorbent paper and serve.

Letting Go of Gluttony

I’ve gained weight.

In a previous post on Intuitive Eating I recommended the book “How to Have Your Cake and Your Skinny Jeans Too,” by Josie Spinardi. A book I still find very good! At the time of the post I was 151 pounds, now I am back up to the 157-160 pound range I was stuck in before…sigh. This may sound like Intuitive Eating doesn’t work BUT, as with all things, you still have to “follow through” for changes to occur.

So – in order to better honor my waistline – I have decided to cut back on the holiday celebrations. Some days baking is the only option to celebrate with my boys and making three goodies in a row isn’t very effective in the “I’m trying to shed a few pounds and keep them off” world. Autumn3 I do LOVE sweets and don’t intend to cut them out of my diet but just because I “can” eat a dessert everyday (in moderation) doesn’t mean I shouldn’t strengthen my Intuitive Eating muscles before leaving a full plate of cookies on my counter alongside gooey toffee bars alongside Ding Dong Bundt Cake…

So I am going to stick with celebrations not involving food, or at least avoid so many sweet ones at this point!

And honestly I have been discouraged. I want to say, “I am content to stay this weight forever! I am happy with me and accept myself as I am!” I absolutely need to accept myself but the reality is – if I don’t figure this eating stuff out now, even if I only gain 5 pounds a year, in 12 years I could have gained 60 pounds – putting me at 220 when I’m 40!

Between having kids (which already leaves me way less active) and metabolism slowing down with age – I don’t know if my eating will maintain this current weight or if gradually the pounds will start sneaking on. Autumn Lucky for me my library always has great books on display, and I came across the book “It Was Me All Along: A Memoir” by Andie Mitchell. Andie’s story is her weight gain/ weight loss journey. She lost over 100 pounds without cutting anything from her diet – just eating in moderation and being more active.

I won’t say it’s a “happy happy” book because there is definitely some sadness – like her breaking up with the man she calls her best friend because she doesn’t have romantic feelings for him anymore – which I found disappointing!

Either way she had some wonderful insights and encouraged me in my fight for a healthier life!

My favorite line of the book was, “Another plate wouldn’t have brought me any greater satisfaction, because contentment doesn’t double by the serving.”  

This really hit a nerve – the contentment of “one” cupcake doesn’t double if I have TWO!? I realized how much a second or third serving, in so many foods, actually brings discontent because I’m left with so much regret and guilt!   Autumn2 I absolutely want to learn to be content with who I am, right here, right now (which is a process in itself) because even though it seems like it, weight loss isn’t going to make me happier. I do want to make changes though, so I can be healthier as well as setting a good example for my children!

I want to come to the place where eating a dessert (or any food for that matter) can be described as Andie does in her book, “…it was delightful. I’d made it special; I’d enjoyed it, and because of that – the eating lacked regret.”

Nature Photography Day

We celebrated a few holidays today – the first being Nature Photography Day. I have an old camera I let Jeffrey use to take pictures outside. All of these photos Jeffrey took without my help – except the ones he is in obviously.

My picture of him taking a picture…


Of this…


Pictures of the vegetable garden…


My cute little photographer…


Up close with the strawberry plants…


I thought this one was a fun perspective!


Pretty flowers…


And a shot of each other…

DSC_0278I am absolutely not a fan of this picture of myself but I am trying to be honest with all of Jeffrey’s picture taking! Sob!!


A great smile for National Smile Power Day…


And since it was perfectly windy, we celebrated Fly a Kite Day out front while Jack napped.


Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Ok this is going to be the most uninteresting post yet…

We had a yard sale on Saturday morning to make a little money for an upcoming trip and to unload our garage… worst decision ever!

photo (2)

I never want to have a yard sale again… all that work and barely made anything – I’m thankful for the little we did make but I am not filling my garage up with our cast-offs in the future – straight to a second hand store it will go.

My mom even set up a little table for Jeffrey to sell coffee and toast and not one person bought anything from him – besides us.

So I am stretching it here for a celebration but every time Jeffrey buttered the toast for us he would forget and lick his little knife… EVERY time… I call that a goofy Kitchen Klutz… haha! Thankfully this “sometimes” kitchen klutz (me) broke no dishes in my own kitchen or during the setup of the yard sale…

Then it was a crazy rush to pack up, clean up, send Jeffrey off to the circus with MeMa and head to a graduation party.

So this is the only picture we have… one of Jack finally getting to sit facing forward…mad he didn’t get to pull weeds for Weed Your Garden Day… ha!


National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

On Caleb’s day of watching the boys (while I was at work), they made our first clean eating dessert recipe, to celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day… DSC_0237

Stirring it up…


Cookie sheet time!


And ready for the oven…


Wearing Daddy’s grilling apron…




And some “healthy” peanut butter cookies… they could use a few adjustments but overall they turned out pretty good for a first attempt.


And seeing as Jack was missing in those pictures here he is enjoying freshly picked strawberries from the garden…


Corn on the Cob Day

Who likes to shop for corn? This guy!


After a fun morning at the park I made sure to take the boys to the store just for picking out some corn for Corn on the Cob Day!


Then home to shuck some corn… I love seeing them sitting at the table together! So sweet!


Showing little brother how it’s done… DSC_0203



Checking out our corn before it’s cooked…


Jack celebrating…


And… he didn’t like it…


Jeffrey LOVED it… a little melted butter and sprinkled with Johnny’s Seasoning. Yum!